Monday, May 31, 2010

Rose Audrey

I'm changing it all up around here. I'm re-inventing myself. I'll start with my new Avatar. I have to upload it to my profile, but that's no big deal. I have lots to do on my To Do List... Speaking of To Do Lists - that's what started this reinvention of myself in the first place! My submission of my first novel was twiddled down to a publisher's To Do List, and publishing me wasn't on it. It's hard to feel very important these days...

This beautiful watercolor of this rose is a gift to me from the artist. She gave me carte-blanche permission to use the painting as I please, and she put it in writing... Thank you Marion Wist for such a gracious and wonderful gift. I will not abuse the privilege.

The gift of the painting started out as a gift of two prints. One of the prints I gave to my mother. It is the print of the original that I now own. The second one was a print that had two roses on it. I had taken the print to a local print shop and had asked them to produce a sympathy card that I had created with one of my original poems on it. I had asked Marion for her permission to do so. Well, long story short, the owner of the print shop was familiar with Marion's work and refused to print the card for me as she knew that it wasn't my art. Marion met me at the print shop and gave a verbal on the order. Only she had sold the original of the two roses and needed the print back. She felt so bad about how I had been treated and how badly my integrity had been questioned that she gave me the original artwork and the written permission to use it as I pleased. It wasn't a nice situation, but it was most certainly a nice gesture by an equally nice lady!

My integrity has been sorely tested these last few months. Going on a year now even. But no worries! I no longer hang out at my old stomping grounds. The sum of two years of my life has been spent being aggravated. Where do I belong? I had to update this post. I can't be mixing my life with my work life. Sigh*

I'm a writer. I've come so close to publishing. I've worked so hard for legitimacy. I've done all of the research. I've done my homework. I have submitted. I have refined my work. I have waited. I have rebelled. I have gone Rogue. I will show the publishing industry what self publishing really looks like. Joyful Noiz Ministries is an Independent Publisher. Joyful Noiz Ministries is the umbrella that I will publish all of my work under. I'll learn more. I'll work harder than before. I won't look back. And the main thing that I will do is that I will not ask anyone's permission to do so! Welcome to The Rogue Rose.


  1. You go, girl!

    All the best,

  2. Oh, by the way, would you like to be the PWP featured writer for September?

    All I need is a bio and your picture by Aug 20. You can check out the bios on the PWP Features page if you need examples - there are many different types.


  3. Kater,

    Thank you for your kind response to my writing endeavors! I'll be more than happy to be featured in your September issue of PWP! I'll send you the picture and the bio!