Saturday, September 17, 2011

Second Annual Writing Competition in Honor of Joel Muska has come to a close

I am amazed that my offer to bring someone's dream of publishing their book into a reality was left untouched this season. Joel would just tell me not to worry. He always had such a gentle spirit and calming effect on all of his co-workers. Just yesterday Steven said, "Joel would have known." We were talking about how much weight a walker could support.

I think about Joel often. I miss him a lot. This year in honor of his memory I am going to make it a point to complete "The Back Track Conspiracies", "Crooked Places Straight", and also "On a Ramble." I will also bring my friend Bill Pierce's book into a reality for him so that he can share it with family and friends.

Work has been very challenging since Joel left. Paul came and then moved on, and now I have the priviledge to work with Larry as our main driver. My new supervisor is working hard to improve my job and soon I will officially be a 'hot shot' driver, you know, like I was when Joel first got sick and we had no driver at all... So many changes, and all that I really want to do is write.

Life is far too short to ignore our dreams or our callings. Press on - without me. At least this year. I may open up my contest in 2012 for the Third Annual Rogue Bud Writing Competition in honor of Joel Muska, but then again, I may not. Maybe I'll just be way too busy with my own aspirations to take the time for someone elses...

I'll post my progress as I go along. I'll also be learning about completing the publishing process this year complete with ISBN numbers and marketing stratagies. And in my spare time I will be looking for that 'just right' publishing house for my three completed Christian novels.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Publishing hopefuls: I've been watching and waiting for your contest submissions! During this wait I have not been idle. You see in my arms my youngest grandchild. Welcome Baby Angelo!!! God is the greatest Creator of all, but by His grace I have been creating also.

Yesterday I uploaded my newest creation, Crazy, Like a Fox. It was a project that my supervisor at work gave me... Well, kind of. All that he said was that he wanted me to log my entire week of activities and turn in the facts to him. Well, I am a writer, and a publisher. How could I turn in a collection of scratch paper notes??? I couldn't! I typed up my notes and turned in the neat copy, but I didn't stop there. I also wrote out all of my current job responsibilities and turned those in too. Then I took it a step farther as I created a book out of it all, which included a letter of reference and recommendation from a highly educated gentleman as my Introduction. (This work that I speak of is my day job and is not connected with my writing or my publishing endeavors.)

Now, why would I do all of that? It's because I'm a hard worker and one day that work is going to pay off. I am as certain of that fact as sure as I am sitting here writing this.

And last weekend I bought a lamp at a second hand store and then completely refurbished the shade. It's now in my daughter's bedroom looking as Retro as the rest of her decor. And on my balcony outside sits an angel that I hand painted last night to welcome my sister Debbie as my new neighbor! "We'll be partners in crime," she told me! What great fun! She's one of my greatest encourager's on the planet - that is besides for Carole. Carole has been there for me through thick and thin and I'll forever value her words of encouragement. I was just considering something that she had shared with me years ago about my writing, and about my publishing. Maybe it will encourage you.

Thank you Carole. These prophetic words of life and hope will forever be cherished.

"You have come to me freely. I am here and I will pour out my word and spirit upon you. No more will your ink go dry or mind empty, no longer will there be no words. No longer will you struggle with what words to write, for lo I will pour the words out. You will write what I tell you to, and you will know I say it, because it will be all that is on your mind when you write. All that I say will be on your mind, and there will not be any question which direction to go. I have given you the book, and the direction. The books you write, they are from me. They show the way to redemption. To grace. That which was lost is found. The message of hope. Compassion.

You will bust open the publishing industry. I have called you to burst open the publishing industry, the writer, the editor, the publisher, to provide a way for new authors to come, to come and be printed, and to spread my gospel throughout the world. You will set forth a path (standard), and burst forth. Every word will be from me. There will be no writers block or hindrances, for you will know I have given it.

You blessed me my child by praise of me, in seeing what I have created and now you will go forth and create. A creator of song and word. Once again you will pour out my songs, and you will give fellowship. And I have called you out as a writer. Sing. Write. For the day is coming. I am coming for you and the words I give, are words of life. Your tongue is the pen of a ready writer. The words I give to you, write.

Furthermore, I have come and I am in this place, so that where I am there you may be also. I am with the Father, and you are with the Father and furthermore, where I am so you are, and I know you. Do you think I judge you by your temperament? I know you. I made you. I know who you are, and I know you say Abba father. If there is anything…Lo I will come again, and I will receive you, I prepared a place for you that where I am, there you are also. You are here with me, and I will come again and you will come with me."

I won’t share the cover of the book that I have just created as that book is a 4 book Limited Edition and will never be marketed. What I will share though is the poem that I placed on the back cover of that book. Someone out there needed to hear this. I’m waiting for your submission!!!


As I look up into the sky
I wonder if I'll ever quit wondering why
God loves me, such as I
Imperfect, yet willing
To learn of Him, to grow
To stretch myself and be silent
As He beckons me to draw near.

In the chaos that is sometimes my mind
In the storms that befall my path
Through stumbling shortfalls
He shows Himself beautiful - pure
Perfect in all His ways
And I sigh
At the privilege
Of living another day.

Beauty is as beauty does
A friendly touch
An encouraging word
Reaching out in compassion and care
Proving in deed – that God is near
I find myself safe and warm
As I have a refuge from each storm
And the path that I take will be sure.

Audrey Semprun
Joyful Noiz Ministries

Friday, July 8, 2011

Second Annual Rogue Bud Writing Competition

Second Annual Rogue Bud Writing Competition Sponsored by
Rose Audrey In Honor of Joel Muska

First Place Prize
I will Publish your Book!

Let me take your words and transform them into a work of art. I can help you to produce a quality product and it will be yours to do with as you like. I will design a cover for your creation and I will format your words into a book. Then I will set you up with your own account with and you will have a world wide web storefront featuring your very own book!
*ISBN purchase winner’s responsibility as well as copyright.

Do you have an unfulfilled vision of some day becoming a published author?
Do you have an outstanding work ethic? Do you have a great attitude?
Are you a team player? If so this contest is for you! I am now accepting submissions for novels to consider for publication. See contest guidelines.

Contest Guidelines:

Please email me an 800 word or less essay on why I should select your novel or memoir to be considered for publication. Include a one page synopsis of your completed book with the entry essay. (One page synopsis will not be included in word count.) I will review the submissions and select up to ten people whom I will then request to see more of their work. I am a Christian and the work must reflect high moral values.

I will only consider completed manuscripts for my competition this year. I will also only consider polished work. Please send me your best, and I will give you my best!

Joel Muska was my co-worker and I wanted to do something to honor his persistence, reliability, great attitude and stellar work ethic.

If you feel that you have something substantial to offer please contact me!!!

Initial Submission Deadline:
September 15, 2011

No late entries will qualify

Email Contest Entries to:
Subject line must say: Rogue Bud Competition

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bio of Audrey Semprun

Check out this book cover!!! It's so whimsical and fun!!! Anyone know a good artist? I'd love to turn my children's book into a reality!!!

As I near the time of posting my writer's guidelines for my Second Annual Rogue Bud Writing Competition in Memory of Joel Muska (Yes, in memory. My friend and co-worker has passed away.) I wanted to share a bit about myself. This that I am sharing is an updated bio that I wrote when I was a featured writer in a local writing group that I am a member of. I just wanted to give everyone a look at what hard work and dedication can accomplish!

Audrey Semprun lives in the heart of Prescott with her husband and the youngest of her six children. She has roots stretching as far as Upstate New York, where she was born, to the sun-drenched shores of the California coast, where she grew up with her parents and two older sisters and younger brother.

Writing has always been a major part of Audrey’s life; beginning with the poetry that she had published in a local newspaper when she was a small child in grade school.

Her passion for writing led her to write her first novel – or at least a good part of her first novel. That book was never brought to completion. Upon the advice of a good friend she threw the on-going manuscript away. He had told her that her new life style as a Christian wasn’t being positively portrayed in what she was busy creating. Audrey was young and na├»ve and took to heart what her friend had said and abandoned her many hours of effort; but that didn’t squelch her desire to write. She determinedly picked back up her pen and began what would be her first completed novel, An Angel of Mercy.

It would take Audrey a full seven years before she could get past page twelve of that manuscript. There was something that was preventing her from being able to progress the story. She didn’t know what was wrong, or missing, or out of place, but she had a story that she wanted to tell and she was determined to bring that novel to fruition.

Always an avid reader, Audrey read numerous writing magazines, searching for that breakthrough to pull those words successfully out of her mind and onto the page. In the process she was also inadvertently sharpening her knowledge base and writing techniques. Through her research and studying she found the missing link. She had found the ‘voice’ that was needed to tell the story. She did what she needed to do, which was to start the novel over and discard those faulty first pages. From there the words flowed out of her mind and onto the page. At times it amazed her as the story took on a life of its own.

After completing the rough draft came several more years of trial and error to actually turn that initial completed manuscript into a cohesive and well-structured novel. Through that experience she discovered what she needed to do to keep track of her characters and to keep a consistency to the story. She then took that experience and knowledge base and used it to the means of completing her subsequent second, and then third novel, Angel of Insight and Destiny’s Child. These three novels are a Trilogy.

A writing competition spurred Audrey on to actually write a memoir. The challenge was to write 50,000 words in thirty days. It seemed to her a daunting task, and writing what she knew was the only way that she felt that she could tackle such a challenge. EVEN IN SILENCE, The Journey of a Lady Preacher was the result of that writing competition. There was a website that was offering all of the challenge ‘winners’ who had successfully completed their 50,000 word challenge a free book. Audrey went on the website and created a cover and formatted her memoir into an actual book.

From there Audrey has produced several books, including those three novels, and another book of memoirs, Follow me Down, A PATH OF PEACE and a hard-back coffee table book of poetry and devotionals titled, And the Glory. Last Fall Audrey took her creative and editorial skills a step farther by producing a book of poetry and short reflections for a friend. Majesty, by Diana Edwards, is Audrey’s first publication for someone else under her ministry umbrella of Joyful Noiz Ministries; a name she has carried all of her writing career.

Becoming an Independent Publisher is merging into Audrey’s future at a slow, but steady pace with her own sponsorship of The First Annual Rogue Bud Writing Competition In Honor of Joel Muska that she will be judging after the contest deadline of September 15, 2010. The winner of that contest will be published by Joyful Noiz Ministries, AKA, Rose Audrey. She has yet to get involved with the Marketing and Distribution end of publishing, but is edging her way closer and closer to that eventual goal. (Unfortunately, the winner of that first contest failed to follow through and present a book for publication, but Audrey remains determined to press on and will be sponsoring The Second Annual Rogue Bud Writing Competition in Memory of Joel Muska this coming summer and fall.)

And what else is Audrey up to? She is busy writing a new novel that is Speculative Fiction titled, The Back Track Conspiracies, which is greatly stretching her imagination. She also has a couple of other projects of her own under construction; one is a book of short stories which is titled, ON A RAMBLE On a Bright and Sunny Day: Mostly True Stories, Including Creepy, Creepy Spider and also a collection of Scripture Chain Reference Stories, parables, and meditations titled, CROOKED PLACES STRAIGHT: Straight Talk about Hard Places; and to keep her heading in her Independent Publishing aspirations she is currently working on the initial manuscript of a memoir for a friend that will be titled, Darkest Before the Dawn. (Completed and published: Spring of 2011.)

Her dedication, determination, and drive is what keeps Audrey moving forward to see her dreams of becoming a successful Author and Publisher a reality.

Monday, June 13, 2011


This picture is of my sister Debbie. She has to be my biggest 'fan'... that is of course, except for my mother! Talk about cheering me on!!! They are both so supportive of my writing and of my writing ambitions! Everyone needs to have someone like them in their corner! And I can't forget Carole! That girl is amazing when it comes to being in my corner!!! Just cross me and see!!! She is so loyal and protective!

I have been thinking about my mind-set this past few weeks and have come to the conclusion that I have somewhat lost my focus! I'm so determinded to make something happen, not only for myself, but for someone else!!! I forget who is in control!!! And I'll tell you what, their name ain't Audrey!

Here is something that I found in my computer. It goes so perfectly with what the message was at church on Sunday. How easy it is to forget that God is on my side! He is also in control! I need to let go and let God! It's not what I do for Him that counts, but what He has done for me!!!

Here are my Principals of Faith. Enjoy!!!

Beliefs and Attitudes that will Strengthen Your Soul

1. God is worthy to be praised. I will worship Him. Psalms 100:1-6

2. God is faithful. I will persevere and trust Him. Isaiah 12:2

3. God is on my side. He will deliver me. Romans 8:28-31

4. God’s grace is all that I need. I will rely on Him. Romans 5:1-8

5. God keeps His promises. I will keep my promises too. Hebrews 6:10-15

6. God is in control. He knows everything and is protecting me. Isaiah 41:10-13

7. God wants to lead me. It is my choice to listen for His voice, and to follow Him. Isaiah 30:18-21

8. God knows what tomorrow will bring. I will not worry about tomorrow. Jeremiah 29:11-13

9. God has a plan for my life. I will read His Word for direction. Psalms 119:11-16

10. God is always there. I will not fear. John 14:23-27

11. God is good. All the time. Psalms 138

The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O Lord, endureth forever: forsake not the work of thine own hands.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Simple Kind of Girl

I got this photo in an email from my cousin Connie a way long time ago. It was the picture on my desktop for years; years that is until my computer crashed. What a mess that was! Mostly an emotional mess, that is. I didn't know if all of my files were lost forever or not. And I'm telling you right now, there isn't much else that can get to a writer than to have to wonder if years and years of work is gone!

Not much that is, unless that same writer has to walk away from the friends and life that she knows as her own. That my friends, is tough. I've wandered around this planet trying to find that place of belonging ever since. I've tried to hide myself in my 'secret life'. You know the one... The life of an aspiring writer... The one that burns the midnight oil to get the words out of her mind and onto the page. That life that is supposed to be so lonely. But it's really not a lonely place at all. I guess that's why I love to write. I get to dig deep inside of myself and see what I discover. I also get to make up characters and watch them take on a life of their own. In that life I have companionship and adventure. But to find the time to actually indulge myself in my passion as a writer has been tough here of late. Thus the angst. I want nothing more than to be a writer. Period.

I work hard. I dream big. Is there really no one out there that gives a rip? This opportunity that I have offered to help to make someone's dream of becoming an author isn't chump change that I am putting out there. Even though I have not opened up my deadlines and competition for the writing contest, still I have offered a very good chance for someone to get their foot in the door and to capture my attention and my imagination. I'm going to be a success in the writing community. Anyone got a vision?

I'm just a simple girl enjoying my present state of being just that. Ever heard the saying that you better get while the getting’s good? Here is opportunity. Hear it knocking?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Knock, Knock!!!

California Adventure in Photo... Writing Adventure in Future...
I'm looking for some interest in my Second Annual Rogue Bud Writing Competition in Honor of Joel Muska! I want to have some names and some voices that I can become familiar with in the next couple of months.

I'm changing things up a bit. My contest rules are going to reflect my new mind set. I know that it was no-one's fault that I was never able to publish a book (yet) for Kimi. I also know that it was partly my fault for accepting submissions for work that was not yet completed! That is most definitely one thing that is going to be different this year!!! If you are working on completing a book, then I suggest that you get it done!!! I will only consider completed manuscripts this year, period!!!

I will consider a novel, or a memoir, and possibly something in-between... But first, I'd like to get to know you. I want to know why you write and what are your hopes and dreams. What drives you? What kind of hurdles have you had to overcome to be a writer? Who inspires you? I want to use this pre-contest time to find out who the 'players' are going to be and if I can help to inspire you to get that manuscript completed so that it will qualify to enter my contest when the time comes... So Knock, Knock. Who's there???

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dog Days of Summer, Livin' the Life

Dog Days of Summer is completed and published! What fun was that! Now I have to get back to my current work in progress which is Crooked Places Straight, Straight Talk about Hard Places. It's a massive project, but I have all of the materials that I want to include in the book. It's just a matter of getting all of my ideas in order and in the format that I am working on. At least I don't have to come up with a layout, as I've already got that part in order. Formatting my books and getting my thoughts all in order is pretty challenging, but rewarding. I'm on chapter five and right now I have no idea how many chapters I will have. I have considered stopping my progress and actually doing an outline. I'll have to see how smoothly things go. I haven't had the luxury of working on my own projects for quite a while now as I had to complete my prior commitments. I'm going to make hay while the sun shines as I know that I'll be busy here again soon with my new set of writing hopefuls!

Hopefully I'll be able to clear my own plate of abandoned projects! I've got two novels that beg my completion, and two more that are pestering me to begin! I'll also have to educate myself on the marketing side of publishing one of these days so that I might hopefully be able to actually release my three completed novels! At this point in time I'm no more published than anyone other hopeful on the planet!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Published! Darkest Before the Dawn!

I must extend my congratulations to Cheryl Watts! She is now able to share her dream of becoming an author that has actually become a reality with the world! You can view and purchase her book on if you look up C.L. Watts, or Darkest Before the Dawn on the search line on Lulu's home page.

I wish that I had some kind of announcement on my winner of my First Annual Rogue Bud Writing Competition... Kimi Tozaki has not had the opportunity or time to follow up on her proposed book since winning my contest. We must all keep her and her loved ones in prayer as her homeland is Japan, which we all know has been in a horrible natural diaster, and now the Missippi Delta, which is also Kimi's homeland here in the United States, has been flooded and is in its own state of emergency. Our hearts go out to you Kimi.

I have extended an open invitation to Kimi to publish a book for her if she is ever able to get the materials to me to do so. I will honor my word.

Honoring my word is how my friend Cheryl has now become a published author. She had a story that I felt deserved to be told, and to be delivered out of the box that was in her shed! Her personal memoirs are both moving, and interesting. The first time that I heard her heart-wrenching story of losing her own mother to suicide was the moment that I committed to producing a book for her. Little did I realize what that would cost me in time and effort! I'm very happy for Cheryl, but I am also not in any kind of hurry to commit to anyone's 'dream' quite so freely again.

I strongly believe in honoring my word and keeping promises. I'm getting a little wiser here these days though about even making those open-ended promises!!! I have come to the conclusion that I am not a 'happy' editor. I want to work with projects that are ready to roll, so to say. I am first of all a writer, and if I am working on massive edits on someone else's work then I can't concentrate (or have the time) to work on my own writing, and that tends to make me extremely grumpy!(Just ask Diana Edwards, whom I published, Majesty on for, or Cheryl Watts). That doesn't make me proud, but it is what it is. I have been writing for about thirty years now and I know what works and what doesn't. If you want to work with me then please have enough confidence in my ability of not only a publisher, but as a writer. You must trust that when I say that I am looking for a 'clean' manuscript, then that is exactly what I mean! I will never produce a book from scratch again for someone other than for myself! Expect me to be very selective when it comes to this next writing opportunity in the form of my Second Annual Rogue Bud Writing Competition.

And now that time is coming around once again for my Writing Competition. I will be posting the contest guidelines and the deadlines in Early July, as I did last year. I have to sadly share that it will be in memory of Joel Muska this year, as we lost Joel to illness. He has been missed terribly around the office. I can't even say. He was a wonderful man.

Watch for my next post, which I'm hoping will be this weekend!!! I am currently putting together my 'Dog Days of Summer' book of Inspirational Quotas about life around my job working with Oxygen and related, and sometimes unrelated, DME... Like wheelchairs, (which are always a joy to lug around) and an occassional potty chair! The book will be small, but too funny. I'm putting it together as a going away present for my supervisor who is going to California to manage a bigger (but I bet not better) branch! It's just short quips and lots and lots of clip art. I love searching for clip art! It's so mindless and relaxing for me! So, until that post, I hope that the sun is shining down upon you! It's bright and sunny where I'm at and it makes me feel light and cheery, and glad to be alive!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Work Monkey on My Desk

Some people have a monkey on their back... Not me! This one's on my desk, thanks to my wonderful writing friend and buddy, Carole! I had my pink little monkey over on a shelf along with some other playful collectibles, but I decided that she lives at my house for a reason!!! Dibbles came to live with me to remind me to get busy!!! (And she's cute too!)

I am far to astute at procrastination! I have anyone who has ever gone before beat, Guaranteed!!! And what's even worse is that I have created ingenious ways to work myself silly and still not get my projects completed!!! And then the guilt slips in and I promise myself that I won't touch anything else except for my current work in progress, whether it's my own writing I'm trying to complete or someone else's! I did the same with my friend's collection of prose and poetry. I hammered away at that project until I saw it to completion, regardless of what work of my own I neglected while I was at it!!!

Darkest Before the Dawn has worked its way into that elite status! I must confess, it's by default! I committed to do this book for a friend of mine and my procrastination is causing me to have to give that sole project top priority!

I feel bad that I haven't given my hopeful contestants anything at all of anything from my Rogue Bud Writing Competition. My contest winner has been a very busy Lawyer!!! She went down to the Mississippi Delta to help with some very deserving young women and it's set our schedule back a bit. I am still fully committed to her project, but learning that I am not the only one on the planet that has a backlog of work and commitments! I am hopeful that I make good use of this time of grace that I have been allowed!!!

My "Day Job" has been working me into the ground! We are busy, and that is always a good thing! I'm believing that I will catch a second wind and be able to keep on keeping on! I just don't want anyone to think that I have gotten flaky with my contest! I strongly believe that when a person gives their word then they need to be faithful to do what they have said that they would! As I get older I certainly do see great wisdom of being a person of few words!!! Not that I've got that mastered, but I am more careful about what I commit to, and that's a fact!

I'll keep everyone posted on our progress once Kimi and I launch our collaboration!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Current Work in Progress

This is the cover of my current work in progress. I'm still working with Kimi to come up with a cover for her book! Sometimes the progress in this business is slow! I had come up with one cover, but we decided that it wasn't quite right! I'll update as soon as I can!

I can't believe that it's already late January! Where does the time go?

I hope that everyone is keeping warm! There sure has been a lot of snow this year!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Favorite Things

I can't believe that it's 1/1/11!!! I've been taking myself and life far too seriously, getting all introspective and full of strange thoughts and even a bit of doubts. I wrote a poem yesterday. Here's the poem and a fun video. Still working on my friend's memoirs, Darkest before the Dawn. Watch for a soon-coming announcement concerning my First Annual Rogue Bud Writing Competition...

Rainy Day

Shadows casting over my dreams. Your love, it comforts me. Decisions mounting me high as the morning Reaching as far as the sun. Rainbows of mercy surrounding my soul Moon-beams of hope shining through. A new day has dawned No longer undone With assurrance the depth of the sea. Your love, it comforts me.