Sunday, March 6, 2011

Work Monkey on My Desk

Some people have a monkey on their back... Not me! This one's on my desk, thanks to my wonderful writing friend and buddy, Carole! I had my pink little monkey over on a shelf along with some other playful collectibles, but I decided that she lives at my house for a reason!!! Dibbles came to live with me to remind me to get busy!!! (And she's cute too!)

I am far to astute at procrastination! I have anyone who has ever gone before beat, Guaranteed!!! And what's even worse is that I have created ingenious ways to work myself silly and still not get my projects completed!!! And then the guilt slips in and I promise myself that I won't touch anything else except for my current work in progress, whether it's my own writing I'm trying to complete or someone else's! I did the same with my friend's collection of prose and poetry. I hammered away at that project until I saw it to completion, regardless of what work of my own I neglected while I was at it!!!

Darkest Before the Dawn has worked its way into that elite status! I must confess, it's by default! I committed to do this book for a friend of mine and my procrastination is causing me to have to give that sole project top priority!

I feel bad that I haven't given my hopeful contestants anything at all of anything from my Rogue Bud Writing Competition. My contest winner has been a very busy Lawyer!!! She went down to the Mississippi Delta to help with some very deserving young women and it's set our schedule back a bit. I am still fully committed to her project, but learning that I am not the only one on the planet that has a backlog of work and commitments! I am hopeful that I make good use of this time of grace that I have been allowed!!!

My "Day Job" has been working me into the ground! We are busy, and that is always a good thing! I'm believing that I will catch a second wind and be able to keep on keeping on! I just don't want anyone to think that I have gotten flaky with my contest! I strongly believe that when a person gives their word then they need to be faithful to do what they have said that they would! As I get older I certainly do see great wisdom of being a person of few words!!! Not that I've got that mastered, but I am more careful about what I commit to, and that's a fact!

I'll keep everyone posted on our progress once Kimi and I launch our collaboration!!!

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