Sunday, August 21, 2011

Publishing hopefuls: I've been watching and waiting for your contest submissions! During this wait I have not been idle. You see in my arms my youngest grandchild. Welcome Baby Angelo!!! God is the greatest Creator of all, but by His grace I have been creating also.

Yesterday I uploaded my newest creation, Crazy, Like a Fox. It was a project that my supervisor at work gave me... Well, kind of. All that he said was that he wanted me to log my entire week of activities and turn in the facts to him. Well, I am a writer, and a publisher. How could I turn in a collection of scratch paper notes??? I couldn't! I typed up my notes and turned in the neat copy, but I didn't stop there. I also wrote out all of my current job responsibilities and turned those in too. Then I took it a step farther as I created a book out of it all, which included a letter of reference and recommendation from a highly educated gentleman as my Introduction. (This work that I speak of is my day job and is not connected with my writing or my publishing endeavors.)

Now, why would I do all of that? It's because I'm a hard worker and one day that work is going to pay off. I am as certain of that fact as sure as I am sitting here writing this.

And last weekend I bought a lamp at a second hand store and then completely refurbished the shade. It's now in my daughter's bedroom looking as Retro as the rest of her decor. And on my balcony outside sits an angel that I hand painted last night to welcome my sister Debbie as my new neighbor! "We'll be partners in crime," she told me! What great fun! She's one of my greatest encourager's on the planet - that is besides for Carole. Carole has been there for me through thick and thin and I'll forever value her words of encouragement. I was just considering something that she had shared with me years ago about my writing, and about my publishing. Maybe it will encourage you.

Thank you Carole. These prophetic words of life and hope will forever be cherished.

"You have come to me freely. I am here and I will pour out my word and spirit upon you. No more will your ink go dry or mind empty, no longer will there be no words. No longer will you struggle with what words to write, for lo I will pour the words out. You will write what I tell you to, and you will know I say it, because it will be all that is on your mind when you write. All that I say will be on your mind, and there will not be any question which direction to go. I have given you the book, and the direction. The books you write, they are from me. They show the way to redemption. To grace. That which was lost is found. The message of hope. Compassion.

You will bust open the publishing industry. I have called you to burst open the publishing industry, the writer, the editor, the publisher, to provide a way for new authors to come, to come and be printed, and to spread my gospel throughout the world. You will set forth a path (standard), and burst forth. Every word will be from me. There will be no writers block or hindrances, for you will know I have given it.

You blessed me my child by praise of me, in seeing what I have created and now you will go forth and create. A creator of song and word. Once again you will pour out my songs, and you will give fellowship. And I have called you out as a writer. Sing. Write. For the day is coming. I am coming for you and the words I give, are words of life. Your tongue is the pen of a ready writer. The words I give to you, write.

Furthermore, I have come and I am in this place, so that where I am there you may be also. I am with the Father, and you are with the Father and furthermore, where I am so you are, and I know you. Do you think I judge you by your temperament? I know you. I made you. I know who you are, and I know you say Abba father. If there is anything…Lo I will come again, and I will receive you, I prepared a place for you that where I am, there you are also. You are here with me, and I will come again and you will come with me."

I won’t share the cover of the book that I have just created as that book is a 4 book Limited Edition and will never be marketed. What I will share though is the poem that I placed on the back cover of that book. Someone out there needed to hear this. I’m waiting for your submission!!!


As I look up into the sky
I wonder if I'll ever quit wondering why
God loves me, such as I
Imperfect, yet willing
To learn of Him, to grow
To stretch myself and be silent
As He beckons me to draw near.

In the chaos that is sometimes my mind
In the storms that befall my path
Through stumbling shortfalls
He shows Himself beautiful - pure
Perfect in all His ways
And I sigh
At the privilege
Of living another day.

Beauty is as beauty does
A friendly touch
An encouraging word
Reaching out in compassion and care
Proving in deed – that God is near
I find myself safe and warm
As I have a refuge from each storm
And the path that I take will be sure.

Audrey Semprun
Joyful Noiz Ministries


  1. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti

  2. I visited your blog and spent at least a minute there. I then clicked on an ad and spent at least a minute there also. I hope that you reach your goals and dreams.

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  4. Beautiful poem btw. Sweet baby Angelo too!

  5. Thank you Audrey. I remember those words. They were for both of us, and still are encouraging.
    Thank you for what you said. I appreciate that.
    I was thinking of forgiveness and grace and how important they are. How words can hurt and heal both ,and how God with time can heal anything.
    Do you remember when i read your book and saw the dove? I was thinking about that today. Thank you for sharing this and your poem. you can write me if you want. If not, i understand. I'll keep watching my inbox regardless.

    I deleted my prior post due to it needing editing and it was too late to edit. forgive please.

  6. How is Audrey's writing anyway? I hear the angels cry, feeling the pain I have to die. I will be at peace at my end, I wish you would realize I know let's not pretend.