Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mid-Way Contest Clarifications

How about a nice yellow rose? Thought I'd change it up a bit.

I received an email from an interested aspiring author and I thought that his questions were very good and certainly worth sharing! I replied to his email and here are the answers that I gave for his questions.


Q: Does the winner get to keep all copyrights?

A: Yes. I will only have my ministry name as the Publisher. It will be the author's responsibility to seek an official copyright, as noted in the contest guidelines. When creating the book I will have the author's name as the copyright holder.

Q: Do you have to have the book completed to enter the contest?

A: It would be preferred, but not a deal breaker.

Q: Where will it be published (online or in stores)

A: It will be a paper back book. It will be the winner's choice as to whether they purchase an ISBN to have it available for distribution in stores. The author can have it available for public purchase through the LULU storefront, which is online, or they can keep it private, meaning only available to the author. LULU offers many marketing packages which will be the sole responsibility of the author to purchase if they so desire. You would have the option of selling your book as a paperback book or as a download on LULU.

Q: Who keeps the profits off the book?

A: It will be the sole property of the author. I will not make any money on the book at all.

Q: Does the author get to write the book and have the help of the person, or does the person take your idea and write the book?

A: I am not writing a novel for anyone. My help will be in formatting the book and creating a tangible book with cover. If it needs too much editorial assistance it will not win the contest in the first place.

Keep the entries coming! I love to read them! I'm excited to have this opportunity! I look forward to helping someone see their vision of creating a book of their own become a reality!!!

Rose Audrey

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