Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The sun has set upon my writing contest

Thank you for your interest in my writing contest. I will now be taking a little bit of time to consider the entries carefully before I make my final decisions as to whom I will select to request to see three chapters of their manuscripts.

I will personally be contacting each contestant (regarding if they are selected to be a finalist in my competition or not) by email no later than September 26th which is a Sunday night. For those of you whom I am not able to select to be a finalist I will be sending a link for a free upload of a book by an established writing enthusiast.

If you are selected to be a finalist and I request to see your work then you will have a timeline of no later than November 1st, 2010 to submit the requested material. If you are not asked to send more material then please do not. It will be deleted, unread.

I've had a wonderful response to my First Annual Rogue Bud Writing Competition and I've got some really interesting proposals to consider. Again, I thank you and look forward to reading the submissions!


  1. How many submissions did you receive? I'm glad you had such a good turn out!

  2. I received plenty enough to keep me quite busy! I choose not to disclose the number. I was quite happy with the turn out!