Saturday, September 17, 2011

Second Annual Writing Competition in Honor of Joel Muska has come to a close

I am amazed that my offer to bring someone's dream of publishing their book into a reality was left untouched this season. Joel would just tell me not to worry. He always had such a gentle spirit and calming effect on all of his co-workers. Just yesterday Steven said, "Joel would have known." We were talking about how much weight a walker could support.

I think about Joel often. I miss him a lot. This year in honor of his memory I am going to make it a point to complete "The Back Track Conspiracies", "Crooked Places Straight", and also "On a Ramble." I will also bring my friend Bill Pierce's book into a reality for him so that he can share it with family and friends.

Work has been very challenging since Joel left. Paul came and then moved on, and now I have the priviledge to work with Larry as our main driver. My new supervisor is working hard to improve my job and soon I will officially be a 'hot shot' driver, you know, like I was when Joel first got sick and we had no driver at all... So many changes, and all that I really want to do is write.

Life is far too short to ignore our dreams or our callings. Press on - without me. At least this year. I may open up my contest in 2012 for the Third Annual Rogue Bud Writing Competition in honor of Joel Muska, but then again, I may not. Maybe I'll just be way too busy with my own aspirations to take the time for someone elses...

I'll post my progress as I go along. I'll also be learning about completing the publishing process this year complete with ISBN numbers and marketing stratagies. And in my spare time I will be looking for that 'just right' publishing house for my three completed Christian novels.

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