Sunday, April 22, 2012

Publishing/Writing Updates

Congratulations Bill! Your book, The Treasure at Burro Tank is now a reality! Just don't tell anyone about it! What can I say? His brother Steve didn't think that the book was such a great idea... I guess that they should have had that conversation before now! No worries though. The book is safe with me! I won't release it, and therefore it doesn't really exist! That will be the same for my three novels, and also for the book that I offered to publish for a gal this morning. If she accepts the offer then I will gladly publish her Christian devotional. I read it yesterday and it was amazing! I needed the encouragment and I guess that's why the offer to her. I managed to complete and quietly publish ON A RAMBLE too! I've yet to take the time to line edit my work though and so I don't want to make the book public yet. It turned out really neat as I included clip art. Got to watch me with my clip art! I have way too much fun with that! I still have to get back to Crooked Places Straight, and I can't ignore The Back Track Conspiracies either! I've got that book up on Authonomy, but no one gets it I don't guess. The whole idea of that web site is to rise up in the rankings so that your book is actually viewed by pubishers and editors etc... Well, I'm ranking in at about 5000 plus, and the last I looked I have 1 interested soul... and the interested one has me on a watchlist and not a book shelf... Let's see... 0 interests in my novel! Sounds like my writing contest last year! I got a couple of comments on how it is hard to understand, so I guess in all actuality I've accomplished what I had set out to do! How's that work??? I'll finish it, and then I'll think about editing it. Right now I just don't have the time or the inclination! I'll have to decide here soon if I'll host my writing contest this year. I'll post my decision once I make one.

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