Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Simple Kind of Girl

I got this photo in an email from my cousin Connie a way long time ago. It was the picture on my desktop for years; years that is until my computer crashed. What a mess that was! Mostly an emotional mess, that is. I didn't know if all of my files were lost forever or not. And I'm telling you right now, there isn't much else that can get to a writer than to have to wonder if years and years of work is gone!

Not much that is, unless that same writer has to walk away from the friends and life that she knows as her own. That my friends, is tough. I've wandered around this planet trying to find that place of belonging ever since. I've tried to hide myself in my 'secret life'. You know the one... The life of an aspiring writer... The one that burns the midnight oil to get the words out of her mind and onto the page. That life that is supposed to be so lonely. But it's really not a lonely place at all. I guess that's why I love to write. I get to dig deep inside of myself and see what I discover. I also get to make up characters and watch them take on a life of their own. In that life I have companionship and adventure. But to find the time to actually indulge myself in my passion as a writer has been tough here of late. Thus the angst. I want nothing more than to be a writer. Period.

I work hard. I dream big. Is there really no one out there that gives a rip? This opportunity that I have offered to help to make someone's dream of becoming an author isn't chump change that I am putting out there. Even though I have not opened up my deadlines and competition for the writing contest, still I have offered a very good chance for someone to get their foot in the door and to capture my attention and my imagination. I'm going to be a success in the writing community. Anyone got a vision?

I'm just a simple girl enjoying my present state of being just that. Ever heard the saying that you better get while the getting’s good? Here is opportunity. Hear it knocking?

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