Thursday, October 28, 2010

Welcome aboard, Brenda!

Brenda Hernandez has made her timely debut! I'm glad to see that you have met the deadline, Brenda! I look forward to reading your submission of, "Blood Tempted". Sounds a little graphic! I think I was pre-warned, now wasn't I? That was a while back for sure!

I'm hoping that my last two contestants meet the November 1st deadline! Come on, Ben and Marissa! I watching and waiting for your requested material!!!


  1. All the very best Brenda! Glad to know that you made it, very close!!! Phew, and the title kind of sounds "graphic" as Ms.Rose says.. Anyways all the best Ms.Rose, I'm sure you have "quite a lot" in your hands right now.. Praying for the best..Adithya

  2. Oooh! The title makes me want to read it! Haha =D I can't believe there are only two left who need to get their submissions in! It feels not too long ago that I was staring at the contest page thinking, "Wow, Jim is still the only one who has his in!" Hahaha

    Best to you!

    ~Julianna Del Vecchio

  3. Thanks guys! And yes, it is rather graphic. I like to give a story a little twist. I'm glad my title makes you want to read it, Julianna! That means I did my job right; to capture the readers intrest! I wish you all the very best! And i hope the other two remaining will submit there work before the deadline!(:
    -Brenda Jasmin Hernandez