Sunday, October 24, 2010

Welcome Aboard Contestant Number Five!

I am happy to announce that I have received Julianna DelVecchio's requested material, "Out of the Ashes"! The time is running short folks! I expect to be receiving the rest of my contestant's material no later than November 1st! Anything later than that deadline will not qualify for consiseration.

One thing that I have noticed consistantly is that these submissions are very short! The first three chapters generally means about forty-five to sixty pages... I have received as few as fifteen pages, which gives me very little to judge the writing on. Some publishers only want to see the first five pages, but I am not cut from the same cloth or mind-set. I've also seen a lack of character discription in some of the submissions. I would welcome a revised submission from the first five contestants if you feel that you could improve upon your offering... I will send this blog entry to all nine of my contestants in an email so that I know that everyone has a fair shot at becoming The Rogue Bud for 2010. I continue to wish each and every one of you the very best!


  1. What is the equivalent of typed page to book pages?

  2. I am not concerned about book pages at this stage of the game. If you are by chance one of the finalists then all I am looking for is three chapters that are double spaced in 12 font Times New Roman. Time is running out. Just give it your best shot!

  3. Sorry for the delay, All the best for Julianna for her submission.